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Weight Watchers Bathroom Scale

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The last scale I bought was at a garage sale where the people having the sale told me I could buy the scale for a penny a pound. So I had my eight year old daughter buy it! I can't remember exactly how much she weighed at the time, but I know I got that scale for well under a dollar! That was a long time ago; my daughter is about to celebrate her 20th birthday and the scale just needed to be replaced.

I found the Weight Watchers scale at Big Lots a couple of years ago for $20.00 - a far cry from my garage sale price, but still a bargain by today's standards. I actually did see this scale on Amazon.com for around $30.00. The more modern ones are running about $45.00 now.

The scale itself is real thin and quite large, with a platform measuring 13.75 inches x 13.75 inches which makes it very stable and steady when you step on.

The Weight Watchers scale weighs to the ounce, so if you have only lost a half pound, it still shows. On the other hand, if you've gained a few ounces, that shows too!

It is possible to set up the scale with up to four users with their goal weights added. So every time you weigh yourself it will show how many pounds more you need to lose to reach your goal. The digital read out is large, but is not that bright, making it a little difficult to read.

It is recommended that you only weigh yourself once a week so that you are not constantly obsessing about it which is not a healthy mindset. When you are dieting, you should weigh in once a week, at the same time of day, in the same place, wearing the same clothes, and using the same scale. This is the advice given on the instructions that are included with the Weight Watcher's bathroom scale.

The scale comes with a ten year warranty and an offer for $10.00 of a Weight Watchers membership