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Weight Watchers It Really Works!!

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Hi Everyone! This is my first review here, so I thought I'd make it the most important to me!! I've been in Weight Watchers for the past 20 months or so and I've lost 65 pounds to date. This program really does work, but you have to work with it, too. There is no magic pill or procedure-I work in healthcare and even the people who have procedures eventually start to gain weight back. With Weight Watchers, you learn to live!! They teach you about healthy choices and how to guage yourself throughout, constantly providing the pick-me-ups that you need along the way.

First, about learning to live your life the right way-OK, I thought, "I know what it is to be healthy. You eat low calorie, low fat, keep working out, etc, etc, etc." The problem here is that even though I KNEW what I should be doing, I didn't do it. That was problem 1 with lifestyle. Problem 2 is that I DIDN'T know as much as I thought I did! You learn so many tricks and simple changes that save you so many calories and pounds along the way! Problem 3 is that when I thought I was living healthy and I'd gain a pound or two, I'd tend to give up for a day or a week and then that pound or two that I'd gain invited some friends over. You need the help and support from other people in your situation.

As far as the guaging goes, you do a weekly weigh-in. That's the hard part :) I'll admit that sometimes it can suck. The good thing is that you DON'T HAVE TO DO IT!! If you know it's been a rough week, go to your meeting anyway. Don't get on the scale! You can do that up to 3 weeks in a row. It's a way to keep you going to the meetings (which can be EXTREMELY motivating) without making you feel like you're forced to do the tough stuff.

The program isn't easy, I admit. You have to want this. If you want it bad enough, though, you can do it too!!! That's why I gave the overall rating less than a 5-i want that magic pill, too!! That would be so much easier :) It's just not going to happen, though. You have to do this for YOU!!

When I first started, I remember looking around the room and seeing a couple skinnier people and thinking, "what is THAT person doing here? She (or He) doesn't need to be here and it just makes the rest of us feel fatter." Well, now I know-a lot of those people are ME!! I get to be that person now!! They were there because the program worked for them-that's their after picture :) Even though I'm almost at my goal now I'm still going to go to meetings because the group members I'm with have been there for me and now I'm going to be there for them too! It's a great thing to do for someone to say "you can do it! I didn't think I could, but here I am now!!"

One last thing-if you go to meetings and you aren't motivated by your leader, SWITCH MEETINGS!! There will be someone else leading a meeting that WILL motivate you. Best of luck to you in your weight loss efforts! Please send me a message if I can help you on your journey! Trust me-the hard work is worth it!!