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Weights So Easy Even A Puppy Can Use Them

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Getting into shape is something I have tried on and off for years. I find something to interest me and then jump in with both feet and stay motivated until something happens to take me out of my routine. Then, the routine ends. This is a common pattern in my life.

Last year, I started back on my routine with a new recumbent bike. I'd ride the bike for whatever my goal was, then get on the floor and do some other exercises using the rest of my body.

I decided to add to this by getting some hand weights and work my arms a bit. I have scrawny arms and pain in the upper part of one arm, so I knew I'd better start out easy. I found 2 lbs. weights at Walmart and figured that was fine.

I'd go through all my stretching and other exercises, then use the weights. They certainly weren't heavy, but being out of shape, I knew they were a good starting point. For days I used them and was feeling that they might eventually make a little difference and I'd try to move up to something heavier if I ever got my injured arm back to normal. The weights were comfortable to hold and exactly what I needed to start. I enjoyed using them.

After my routine one day, I later went back into the room. I had been followed in by my 4 month old puppy. When I left, I turned to get her and saw her trotting behind me. She was happy as a clam, carrying one of my pink weights in her mouth as if it were a straw. It was quite a funny sight and it made me re-think my "workout". If my puppy could carry that in her teeth, just how much good could it really do for me?

For now, I am off the routine and the weights are sitting here, waiting for me or the dog to use them again. I think it may be the dog....