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Weird Side Effects...

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Zantrex-3 is marketed by Zoller Laboratories, LLC. They also distribute Leptoprin and Leptopril. According to http://www.critcalorie.com/ (the owner of said website is named Cal and they publish several reviews of diet pills on the website), the owner of Zoller is Basic Research - who is NOT a friend of the FTC because of slimy marketing and lying to consumers. If you do some research into the several brands that Zoller distributes, the research they publish is pretty much word-for-word for every single brand. What does this mean? It means that they don't really research every product the distribute. It means that they just use the same "research study" on every product and that they don't really do the research at all!

How much does Zantrex-3 cost?

Usually, anywhere from $22 to $50. It's cheaper if you get it at your local grocery or nutrition store, though I don't recommend you buy it!

What's in Zantrex-3?

Not much of anything actually. Zantrex-3 doesn't actually say how much of each item is in their pill. Therefore, you can't really tell if there's enough of each item to actually do any good. The product contains LOTS of caffeine (more than 320mg - which is way too much, and you could get the same amount for $5 (for several servings) at your local drugstore); Yerba Mate (which is another stimulant); Guarana (yet another stimulant); Green Tea, Damiana, Schizonepeta, Ginseng, Maca Root, Niacin, and Kola Nut.

Only a few of those ingredients have actual research behind them that says they may help with weight loss. But you don't really know if there's enough of those ingredients to actually be helpful. I strongly recommend against taking a diet pill that doesn't list out the EXACT ingredients. Most pills contain a "proprietary" or "special" blend and they list the ingredients in the blend without saying HOW MUCH of each ingredient is contained. You wouldn't take Tylenol if it didn't tell you exactly how much acetaminophen is contained inside each pill, right? Because it can harm you if it contains too much and it won't work properly if it doesn't contain enough. Well, the same is true for herbals, supplements, and all natural products.

What are the side effects of Zantrex-3?

First, I will list the side effects that are possible, then I will list my own, personal side effects.

Possible Side effects (as listed on wikipedia - see link at end of review)

Jitters, anxiety, increased sweating Increased heart rate and blood pressure Nausea, stomachache, diarrhea Appetite loss (due to nausea, most likely) Cold sweats, restlessness, shaking, irritability Increase in urination (from the caffeine) My personal side effects

I had all of the above side effects Shortly after taking the pill, I began to itch all over My skin then turned bright red, like I had a sunburn Took about 3 hours for symptoms to fade I would also like to state that I have taken several different diet pills in the past, including the ones that contained ephedra before the FDA banned the herb. This is the WORST reaction I have ever had. I've never been allergic to anything before (except for pollen, dust, and ragweed). I have also consumed all of the ingredients listed in other pills before and never had a reaction with itchiness and redness before. This leads me to believe that either there is too much of a particular ingredient or something is in the blend that isn't listed.

Does Zantrex-3 work?

That's difficult to say as every person is different. Like I said before, there are some ingredients listed that have some research backing them but, unfortunately, the amounts are not listed so I can't say if they will be helpful or not.

I've heard of people losing weight on this pill, but I don't recommend taking it. There are many more choices out there that have better effects. For example, synephrine (bitter orange extract or citrus aurantium) has some good research to back it up. There is a patented version out called Advantra-Z. It has been touted "the new ephedra" but it doesn't have the negative side effects that ephedra had. It's also a decent appetite suppressant. I've taken it before (the Advantra-Z form, 35mg) and I haven't had any side effects really, except that it did make me feel more energetic and I didn't feel hungry. In fact, I'm still on it and I've lost a healthy amount of weight. However, beware of pills that don't list the amount! Synephrine is most effective between 32mg and 50mg - according to drugs.com.

Where did you get your information?

Check out these sites:




Also, if you ever want to learn about an ingredient in a diet pill you can enter the name into the search at wikipedia.org or drugs.com - you should come up with some good info at one of the websites. I hope this helped anyone who wanted to know.