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We'l Pick U Up, So We Can Sell U Insurance

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Brandy Norton By Brandy Norton on
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I went to Enterprise after getting hit at a four way stop. It was right before Rita hit in '05, and people were coming up from the coastal towns for a save place to stay. I had never seen so many cars in this little town of under 600.

There were so many people, they had a cop directing traffic. When he pointed for me to go, a man on the main highway didn't stop and got me. It spun my truck around and left me sitting in the opposite direction.

It was his fault, so his insurance paid for it all. I carried my truck to the shop (who paid for the rental)and ten minutes later a guy was there to pick me up. He seemed really nice.

When we got back to his office, I had to fill out paper work. That's when they started pressuring me into getting their insurance. I didn't want to pay anything (because it was not my fault I had to rent a car, in the first place), but I said okay to it, because I didn't know any better.

Well, after I left there, I went to talk to my insurance man about the situation. He told me, if I had full coverage on my truck, my insurance would cover the rental. I was like, " that wonderful".

So, I get back there and tell them what my insurance man says. I tell them that I don't want their insurance and I want my money back on it.

That's when the attitudes changed.

They started belittling me and trying to make me feel stupid. They were telling me, your insurance man doesn't know what he is talking about. What if you get into an accident, you would have to pay out of pocket. It was like, two against one.

They really got mad when I told them, I think my insurance man knows more than they do.

One of the guys gets up and goes out side. ( I was gone 20 minutes, tops.) I followed him out when I see him looking at the car. He said, "we have to look over the car before you can get your money back. I said, " that's fine". Then he gets down on his knees with his head about a foot from the paint.

I was thinking, Ole Lord, this man has done gone crazy.

I told him, he could get a magnifying glass out, if he needed to, but if he see something wrong with that car, they did that mess, before I got it. I'm not taking the blame for something I didn't do.

He gets up, and walks right by me saying nothing. So I follow him back in, and by that time I was as pissed (about their attitudes)as they were (about the insurance). I got my money back. We gave each other, The Looks, (you know what I'm talking about). And I left.

My husband works at the body shop that was fixing my truck so, I didn't have to go back to their office. I left the car there at the shop.

And I contacted Enterprise online and in simple words, they told me those people were doing what they were suppose to. So, I guess that Enterprise teaches these people to do this/???

Its obvious they get a good commission for selling the insurance. Also its obvious that the people online care nothing about their business etiquette.

This is just a note to the consumers out there: If you have full coverage on your car, talk to your insurance man before getting insurance you don't need through a rent-a-car place.

The car was nice, the free rental was nice, the people can be asses and the company over looks it so, they can sell insurance.

I rated the rewards program in the middle, because I know nothing about it.