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Welcome Back Lashes !!!

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Let me tell you a little story.........

Every since I have entered into the "menopause" phase of my life..........I have noticed many changes in my body. One problem that was extremely bothersome to me was the loss of some of my top eyelashes. They were literally falling out from the middle of the lash line to the inner corners on both eyes. Having always been told that my eyes were one of my best features........this really made me sad to see them disappearing. The internet is such a great place to gather information so I did some extensive research on "loss of eyelashes" and I found a site called www.latisse.com advertising a product called "LATISSE".

This product was originally developed for patients with "cataracts". Some patients found that when using LATISSE they also were experiencing a growth in their eyelashes as well as a darkening of the lashes. So now this product has two great usages! LATISSE is now also being prescribed for those who have the condition called "HYPOTRICHOSIS" which simply is what they call the lack of eyelashes.

On my next trip to my Family Doctor, I took the printed out information that I had researched on their website. He had never heard or prescribed it previously, but he was impressed with my research on the product. He said the company was a good one and was very reliable, therefore he would have no problem prescribing the medication for me to try and re-grow my lashes.

The prescription for LATISSE is very expensive! It costs $100 for a 30-day supply. My insurance did not cover it but my pharmacy offers a small discount with their free prescription card.

To use LATISSE you need to first make sure that your eyelids are free of makeup, cleansers or creams. I do not wear contacts, but if you do, you need to remove them first. Instructions say to wait 15 minutes before reinserting them. I do this treatment after washing my face before bedtime.

The prescription comes in two parts. One is a small bottle of the liquid (3 ml) and the other part is two disposible aplicators (one for each eyelid). Squeeze one SMALL drop onto the brush and apply to your lid like you would apply your eyeliner. Then throw that brush away and get a new one for the other eyelid. This liquid is only to be applied to the upper lashes. DO NOT APPLY TO THE LOWER LASHES! When you close your eyes it will transfer onto the lower lashes but that is okay.

Are there any side effects? Yes they are listed on the instructions, but personally I have not experienced any of them. Some usuers might see a darkening on the area of the skin that the LATISSE touches. Some could experience redness of they eye.

So is it worth it? $100 is a lot of money for such a little bottle! Yes, for me it was totally worth it!!! I look at it this way..........$25 a week........for a miracle! My missing lashes starting to re-grow at the end of the second week. By the end of the first 30 days...........they were all present and accounted for! They are much longer than they ever were and now I get comments that people think I am wearing false lashes!

So if you want longer, thicker and darker lashes ~ give this a try. It's a prescription drug so you will have to visit your doctor first.