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Welcome Breeze, Bye Bye Heat!

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My husband and I knew that we would need an Air Conditioner soon or later because we couldn't stand the heat any longer. You see, we live in a tropical country where the heat is always on for a longer period. Last month we decided to purchase an Air Conditioner unit, LG Hercules Neoplasma Air Conditioner. We chose LG because not only the sales person said that this was the best selling product in our area, but also because it has nearest service office that we could easily go to without wasting much time. Our AC is 1 PK, and it really fits to be installed in our bedroom which measure 4 x 5 m. The installation only took about 2 hours and it's done; it's that quick! The AC surely comes with a remote control, remote control holder, and a three-years compressor warranty. The first time we turned on the AC it felt like living in the snow country. My hubby set the temperature on 21 degree Celcius, and no wonder it was very cold! At the time we bought this new AC, my parents just arrived at our house and stayed for a week. They said that this AC worked very well, much better than the one in my parents' house. It doesn't produce noise either, unlike the one in my parents' house. It saves up electricity too, 'cause it will need only around 670 W. Certainly saves up some money (don't have to pay for the high cost in electric bill). It has this swing mode, in which we can choose the direction of the swinger. And what I like best is that it comes with the neoplasma feature, because this is something that I desire in an AC. The neoplasma is said to be very effective in filtering the germs, pollutants, and bad smell. It has something like additional vitamin C inside but I really don't know how it works in an AC. I always turn on the neoplasma mode, though. When I asked the installation guy how frequent we should schedule the maintenance or clean this unit, he suggested that every three months we should do that. Okay, we will certainly do that. This AC has changed our lives, we don't easily complain about the heat now. Please welcome, the breeze in our room! Bye bye heat!

Update On Nov 10, 2009: A few days ago there was some water leaking from it, and when my hubby read the manual book, it doesn't mention about leakage. So he took initiative step to clean it, and bravo... there's no more leakage!