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Welcome To Motorstorm!

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By dcstriker on
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Almost every Playstation 3 gamer has heard of Motorstorm. From its infancy years ago to the teaser trailers shown at E3, Motorstorm has received a lot of attention. The game is out, and it's a blast.

Basic Plot

You're in Monument Valley, Arizona at the Motorstorm Festival, a week of racing, battling, and partying. there are races which you can participate in by accessing your tickets. You unlock more tickets as you go trhough the races. Simple, but effective.


This is still a game I love to play. Each race will have a set vehicle class, or a complete lack of a set one. The player can choose between Bikes, ATVs, Rally Cars, Buggies, Racing Trucks, Mudpluggers, and Big Rigs. Each class of vehicle has several vehicles to unlock and choose from, each with their own looks, liveries, and performance. The game is intense. The tracks are varied, multi-tiered and pathed, and have different terrain in multiple sections. The soundtrack is powerful and perfectly compliments the gameplay. Boost and crashing plays a vital role in the game, as well. Too much boost or damage can cause your vehicle to explode! Thankfully, you respawn right after. Things can get very heavy. The game is easy to learn, but tough to master.


Everyone has their opinion on Motorstorm, but it's hard to deny that it looks good. The mud sticks to your vehicle. When you crash, parts go everywhere. You can see the trails your tires make in the dirt, and it affects the track and the race. It's not as good as the E3 target render, but very good. Evolution Studios, the creators, flew out to Monument Valley to get footage to draw from. it truly is a beautiful game.

Online Play

Honestly, I'm a bit saddened by it. It's fast paced and the challenge is there, but no one has a headset. When they do, my headset doesn't work right. The headset problem literally ruins the online play. Races can tend to take a while to start up, as well. Good, but not great.


On the disc, there's only about 6 tracks and 4 or 5 vehicles per class. There are a lot of races, but once the content is unlocked, there's little to do. Thankfully, there is a whole slew of downloadable content on the Playstation Store, all worth the price. New tracks, more tickets, and more vehicles. It's a great title to own.

I really enjoy Motorstorm. Now, it can be purchased on the cheap. The new 80GB Playstation 3 bundles even come with the game. If you don't own it, it's definitely worth the purchase.