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Welcome To Radiator Springs

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Mater National

If you have seen the animated movie CARS then you already know the backdrop for the Mater National Championship video game. Driving down Main Street in Radiator Springs has the same landmarks found in the movie and the same familiar characters are there to greet you. You can also explore Ornament Valley and Tailfin Pass located on the outskirts of Radiator Springs but you must first unlock the roads leading out of town.

The game is primarily played as Lightning McQueen, however there are fun races where you get to play as Mater. Racing events include road races, monster truck races and relay races. When you run in a relay race you get to play as any character on your team. Finisihing first will unlock other races and challenges. The main event is the Mater National Championship.

When you are not racing in an event, you are driving around town collecting points and uncovering clues. There are lots of characters to meet along the way and they all speak to you, or Lightening McQueen as the character you control. Oddly enough, the game was not designed so that Lightening McQueen speaks back. Lightening has plenty to say when racing, though. When you crash into another vehicle, it will complain.

The remote control takes some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it driving becomes second nature. Both the Wii remote control and Wii nunchuck are needed to operate the game, steering is controlled by the nunchuck. There is a turbo boost button. The extra acceleration does not last long, so use it wisely.

Mater National Championship also includes challenges other than racing (you do not want to run out of gas) and international characters come to Radiator Springs to challenge Lightning McQueen. Characters from the animated movie Monsters Inc. even find their way into this game. My favorite part of the game is driving Lightning McQueen as a monster vehicle.

The graphics are good. The game pretty much feels like you are inside the movie. You can earn extra paint jobs and wheel sets. Mater National Championship is rated for everyone and is an enjoyable game to play.