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Welcome To Rapture, A Bio Shock Review

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By jihoon on
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One minute you're on a plane heading who knows where, the next you find yourself in a 1920's Atlantis. I can safely say that Bioshock is going to win many gaming awards due to its immersive environments, great gameplay, and superb story.

Running on the unreal 3 engine, Bioshock looks absolutely stunning. The beautifully designed art deco interior, suits, and dresses, neon signs, and hollow radios in a ruined underwater setting really sets the atmosphere and immersion in the game.

The story is top notch with you controlling a mysterious character who crashes on a plane and finds himself next to a lighthouse in the middle of the ocean. This turns out to be no matter of coincidence and it turns out that your role in this could save the inhabitants of a ruined city or destroy them through the choices you make.

The gameplay for a first person shooter is fresh and exciting. Not only do you get your standard arsenal of guns but also magic powers that come from "splicing" your DNA. abilities such a telekinesis, or electrobolts and pick up and zap objects which is handy for launching barrels from afar, or destroying mechanical turrets. Through out the game, you will be able to upgrade your weapons and power for more accuracy, or an increased rate of fire, or less recoil. Each weapon also comes with three seperate ammo types allowing you change types to combat different types of enemies.

The only complaint I have against Bioshock is the lack of replayability. Once you play through the story, there is no incentive to play through it again other than to try a different power.

Bioshock is a great immersive single player game that is sure to grab you with its story and gameplay but once its over, you'll probably never touch it again.