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Welcome To Salem's Lot

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kurenai By kurenai on
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I've been a big fan of King ever since I read Carrie in junior high. I was browsing the horror section of Waldenbooks for something new to read and spotted this gem. A vampire horror book by Stephen King sounded too good to be true. I started reading as soon as I got home.

The book starts off as a story of attachment to a small town where Ben, one of the story's characters, spent some time as a child. King does a good job of starting the book as a slice of daily life in a small town, shifting from one character's perspective to the other, making each character seem more and more close to real with every paragraph.

The book begins to darken over time, with shadowy elements and characters that went almost unnoticed earlier becoming key parts of the story. The suspense is amazing and makes you not almost want to stop reading, because you need to know what happens next.

I won't spoil the ending, but this book definetly needs one! If you are a lover of King, vampires, horror, or just want to nearly jump out of your chair over a good read you definetly need to pick up this book.