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Welcome To 'The Alesha Show'

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I once bought a Mis-Teeq DVD, but I didn’t remember that Alesha Dixon was in this trio. When I listened to the radio, I caught a very catchy song titled ‘Breathe Slow’ by Alesha Dixon. Then I looked for her album after that, which had this song in it. I found her album, ‘The Alesha Show’. And what surprised me, was that I recalled her face somewhere. It was true, when I opened my old DVDs, I found her in my Mis-Teeq DVD. She was young back then in the DVD. It’s good that she goes with her solo career now.

‘The Alesha Show’ turned out to be her second album. There are 14 listed tracks in this album, but there is one hidden bonus track at the end of the 14th track.

1. Welcome to The Alesha Show

The intro is not a great opening, but makes a good one for welcoming us into the world of Alesha’s musicality.

2. Let's Get Excited

This track really gets me excited! You can hear a very brilliant upbeat rhythm in this. Hmm… Brilliant Alesha! The lyrics is fun too!

3. Breathe Slow

The piece that makes me bought this album. It’s an excellent song with catchy refrain lyrics, though not that upbeat (a rather slow beat instead). I would say it scores a perfect ten for the whole song, I mean the combination of the lyrics, beat, the way she sings it, and her voice, it’s just… FABULOUS! I listen to this track over and over, and mumble the chorus over in my head… [Can’t forget to breathe slow, count from one to ten, with my eyes closed, ‘coz ladies take it in, and get compo-oooo-sure, before I lose it get compo-oooo-sure…]

4. Cinderella Shoe

Though it’s not my favorite track, but the beat is pretty upbeat.

5. The Boy Does Nothing

What can I say? The lyrics is pretty stunning… Love it. She definitely DID something on this song that made it so catchy.

6. Chasing Ghosts

A bit ballad, but spookily great!

7. Play Me

Overwhelmed with drums, a rock-and-roll type! Makes me rock my feet all the way!

8. Hand It Over

R&B mania, get ready! This is an R&B piece for you. There’s a bit touch of hip hop. Ms. Dixon certainly has ‘something’ in her voice in this song.

9. Do You Know The Way It Feels

It drugs me immediately with Alesha’s voice and the musical background in it. I mean, it’s just, wow, she can really interpret how to move emotional feelings in her. A ballad that receives thousands claps from me.

10. Can I Begin

A pop number, not outstanding but still do me a good feeling when listening to it.

11. Italians Do It Better

A jazzy pop track, combined with Alesha’s seductive voice and lyrics. Hmmm… Can’t say I love it, but I do like it.

12. Ooh Baby I Like It Like That

Guitar-dominated, with no other attraction. Okay it’s upbeat, but not catchy. I was just wondering, why she put this kind of song in this ‘delicious’ album. I certainly don’t like it like that.

13. Don't Ever Let Me Go

Here comes another superb number. Alesha succeeds in singing it with a happy expression. A bit upbeat, and brilliant!

14. I'm Thru

A bit of swing, not my favorite but it’s just an okay track. It’s supposed to be the end track, but… there’s another coming…

15. Mystery (Hidden bonus track)

Don’t know, but I guess this album shouldn’t have ended with this song. Maybe it’ll be better if they don’t put this song in this album.

Alesha certainly worked hard for this album. She wrote some of the songs here, and it amazed me. Young and talented, that's what I get after listening through this album. 'The Alesha Show' is definitely her gigantic show, her fantastic performance in the record industry. Bravo Alesha!