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Welcome To The Squirrel Relocation Program

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Image for Welcome to the Squirrel Relocation Program

Tired from a long drive…

Cold from the ice and snow…

We enter our home.

Something is wrong.

There is glass on the floor… Plants and dirt in the sink.

The blinds in the living room are broken.

Every window on the first floor looks like it has been … well, chiseled. There are pieces of wood and paint on the floor around the windows… and the sills are bare.

Everything looks secure. Windows and doors are locked…

We call the cops.

We have been invaded…

By a squirrel!


Yes, that is a picture of a squirrel in a Havahart two door trap in the house .

Once we found out that there was something in the house that we thought was a squirrel, there wasn’t much we could do until the next day. It was after midnight, everything was closed and while tired, I can assure you that I did not sleep a wink! I was, for the first time in my life, scared of a squirrel!

The camera I had at the time wasn’t that good, so I cannot really show you the damage to the windows, but it was bad… bad enough for me to realize how sharp those little claws really are… so my eyes stayed open!

The next day my guy was off to Agway to see what he could do. The man in the store recommended the Havahart trap and some peanuts. The trap was about $30 and he threw in a small bag of peanuts for free.

The double sided trap is made of a sturdy wire mesh, as are all Havahart traps. There is a plate in the middle where the bait is placed and then the metal rods have to be set from either side to the plate so that when the plate is disturbed the doors of the trap will close. It takes a couple of tries to set the trap. If the trap is set too well, the critter will be able to retrieve the bait, enjoy it and then go about his merry way…. There is also a nice handle on the top for carrying.

We set up the trap with the peanuts and nothing… Then I thought why not use peanut butter and stick the peanuts in it as the peanut butter has a stronger scent. After the trap was baited it took less than 5 minutes before we heard a big slam and a lot, and I mean A LOT, of rattling around.

The intruder had been caught!

Now… I do not know about you, but there is this terrified squirrel rattling around in a cage… a wire MESH cage, with a handle on top. I could not bring myself to get close enough to touch that handle… So what if I grew up in the woods. I am still a girl. The kind that doesn’t like spiders, and apparently one that doesn’t like squirrels anymore either!

So.. the guy had to do it.

The squirrel was loaded up into the back of the truck and transported to a nice park with lots of trees and a nice big pond.

No, we didn’t throw the squirrel in the pond! If we were going to do that we wouldn’t have gotten a nice humane trap.

There is a little bar that secures the doors that can be flipped up and pulled back to open either door so that the squirrel can leave, and that is what my guy did… and the squirrel ran up into a tree.

And this made Bosoxy very happy.

No more squirrel in the house. ;-)


Long story short - Havahart traps are a very humane way of relocating all sorts of critters from your home or yard without worry that children or pets can be harmed from poisons or kill traps. The trap is pretty easy to use and can be used over and over again.

You can check out more about them here: http://www.havahart.com