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Well... Gardening Mama Review

Reviewing: Taito & Majesco Gardening Mama  |  Rating:
Jennifer Tang By Jennifer Tang on
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This is another game of the Cooking Mama Series. And again, I'd have to say that nothing can compare....to the first game. In this game you have a garden in which you can plant vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Once you plant whatever plant you want to, you can plant some more, but you'll be alerted that something is wrong in your flower patch or something. If you don't correct the problem, your plants will die and you'll have to start all over.

Problems can range from an invasion of bugs, the plants growing too big for their pots, or picking fruits that have ripened before it's too late. The worst problem, in my opinion, was the invasion of little pill looking bugs (and no, they are not pill bugs...). You have to scratch them off and even though it's just a game, I get freaked out and I hate to do it.

This game wasn't really all that fun. I hate to go back to take care of a plant when I don't feel like doing it so that feature got annoying. Planting wasn't fun and I had no idea half the time how to take care of such matters so the plants suffered a lot. I would not recommend this game. It's cute, but well...not worth it.

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