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Well P 90 Airsoft Gun

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The airsoft scene is booming, and I wanted to be a part of it. I did some research on airsoft guns, but most of the high-quality guns were expensive! I decided as my first gun, I would get a cheap one and see if it works well... hopefully it would be worth the money I spent on it.I chose the Well P-90 airsoft electric. It was $30 shipped to my door from AirSplat. The FPS rating was fairly low at 200, but for $30 I decided to try it out. Also I liked the whole slew of attachments included! First of all, this is an electric powered automatic airsoft gun, so it included a 6 cell rechargeable battery and charger. Next, it included a sight with a laser crosshair, and an LED flashlight, both which mount up on the rails of the gun. A long strap is included, so you can hang the P-90 over your shoulder with ease. A nice target is included, along with plastic safety goggles to protect your eyes. A plastic silencer is also included, which is just for looks, and screws unto the tip of the barrel. Lastly, they give you a small pack of 6mm BBs.

I was excited when the package arrived at my door. Even the box looked great! As soon as I opened the box, I was even more amazed. I couldn't believe I paid $30 for this thing! I found the rechargeable battery and charger, and I plugged them in to charge while I looked at the gun itself. I found the quality of the plastic to be very good, but the gun had some heft to it. I clipped on the shoulder strap, and screwed on the flashlight, scope, and silencer. The silencer just didn't look right on the P-90, so I took it off and never put it back on again.

The scope was interesting, if you turned a knob on it, a laser crosshair appeared in the middle of the scope. Note that it doesn't actually project a laser beam out of the scope. I found that focusing on a target with the laser on was a little tricky, so now I just keep the laser off. The flashlight that is included with the P-90 is excellent! Three little watch batteries only power it, but the LED is amazingly bright. I actually took the flashlight off and now I use it for household purposes, it works that well! And finally, the target looks to be excellent. It features a small net at the rear which captures all the BBs, and there is a zipper at the bottom so you can dump them all out. Two paper targets are included, but I made a scan of them so I could print more out later, as I know two little targets wont last me that long!

After I was done admiring the excellent accessories, I plucked the battery off the charger and into the P-90. I loaded the magazine with the included BBs, opened the front door, and let out a long burst!

Well, it wasn't that exciting. The BBs basically plopped out of the barrel and landed just 20 feet away. Hmm, what could be wrong? I decided to charge the battery on my Dynamite Vision Peak Ultra, which peak charges the battery to full capacity. I went back outside - and the BBs landed 25 feet away. By this time I wasn't too impressed. I stayed indoors and shot at my target - now that's better! It seems like this P-90 is an indoor-only toy, as it performs much better indoors. It's kind of fun to shoot at the target, but after a while it gets pretty boring.

Overall, even for a first gun, this P-90 isn't exactly the best. I would really rather have a gun with more firepower. Even someone who is just getting started in airsoft will get bored of this P-90 pretty soon. If you REALLY want to try this gun, I don't see why not, but personally this gun is just far too weak to have any fun with.