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I purchased this 10-cd set of the Silva Life System a few months ago and faithfully walked through each cd and listened to the information presented by Laura Silva and then followed along with each relaxation exercise that ends every cd. Overall, I have to say that I am glad I spent the $97 for this program but my reasons for that aren't due to the gains I made using this course. I will say that there was some benefit to some of the relaxation techniques involved but in my case, I found the overall concept more intriguing than the actual practicality of the course itself and this course was what actually led me to take up studies in a similar area.

The Silva Method probably isn't for everyone

The Silva Life System, also known as the Silva Method has been around since about the 1960's and 70's and just recently I came across one of Jose Silva's books which I have been gradually reading the past few days. Jose Silva's life provides for interesting reading given that he was a man who firmly believed that regardless of your education or your IQ, you could improve your life through very simple steps and by way of tapping into the sub-conscious mind. He was living proof of this having become the sole breadwinner for his family at the tender age of 6 when his father passed away. Then continuing his pursuit to grow by taking a TV repair course and then opening his own repair shop in Texas which grew into one of the largest in the area. From there he became intrigued by the IQ and the ability to expand a person's possibilities. It was this journey of investigation that led him to become well know for what is today called The Silva method.

This method works mainly with the Alpha brainwave levels although some relaxation techniques do offer a deeper level of relaxation/awareness at the Theta level.

The Silva Life System offers a solid foundation in life improvement concepts although there are some areas that may challenge your imagination, particularly if you are not quite able to accept the concept that is introduced, especially in the area of "instincts" or sixth sense development.

I found the Anesthetic Glove concept rather interesting however, and as someone who has devised numerous ways of working through daily pain, I found it intriguing to have the ability, just through sub-conscious direction, to literally turn my hand ice cold, not to mention quite numb. The purpose of this little trick is to allow you to then place this ice cold hand on any part of your body that is in pain or requires numbing and I have to say that when I tried this procedure I was experiencing some lower back pain that normally grows steadily more irritating before it subsides. There is a fair bit of information regarding this particular practice available via the internet and it is a rather intriguing and frankly, beneficial concept that I've taken away from this course as I've had success using it.

There is also a lesson on overcoming bad habits, procrastination, stress as well as those lessons geared toward success, improving your life, etc.

The Silva Life System is based on hypnosis to an extent although the system is claimed to be a method of self-hypnosis, this is a misnomer as any method of hypnosis utilized whereby the voice or words of someone other than yourself are used, is considered Hetro-hypnosis (another) not self-hypnosis.

The basis of the Silva Life System teachings tend to lean more toward the "direct and literal" approach of relaxation, which has since been proven to work effectively with approx. half of the general population. Not everyone accepts direct or literal information or processes it in the same way though which is one of the main reasons this method and methods like it may not be effective or beneficial to some people. The ability to visualize is another reason why some people will state they simply receive no benefit from such practices. In cases like this, it is always best to "imagine" the scene or object being talked about rather than attempting to actually visualize something you may find difficult if not impossible to accomplish.

In instances where visualization methods are used during the Silva Life System process, I had little trouble doing so but I am an individual that not only has a strong imagination but a rather well developed visualization ability but for others these areas of the course would prove a little difficult to really benefit from unless you are able to overlook the method of achieving the same results and doing so in a way that is comfortable for you.

So, why would you want this course?

Personally, if for no other reason than to obtain some information that relates to how to cope with stress, bad habits, pain. Once you place your order with Mindvalley.com which is one way to purchase this course, you then have access to download all 10 cd lessons, which are broken down into 3 or 4 mp3s and easily store on your computer's hard drive or can be burned to CD's for library filing. You can also purchase the group of CD's and information for $197.

Over all, if you are someone who is interested in the art of self-improvement and you enjoy undertaking relaxation methods you may find this course beneficial. As for me, although some areas were helpful, the biggest benefit I received from this course was the realization that I wanted to further my studies with regards to Clincial Hypnotherapy and I guess in a way, the Silva Life System has truly changed my life based on that decision alone and in turn, I'll be helping others to change their lives. Perhaps you'll find yourself following a similar path - and even if you don't, I think you will receive some benefit from the lessons this program holds.

Free lessons are available from the Silva website if you are interested in learning more about this course. Keep in mind though that you then end up on a mailing list and although the mailings aren't overly frequent, they can tend to come in a few a week at least. If you don't mind that, take advantage of the freebies at least...you might enjoy them.