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Wells Fargo Loan By Mail

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By dmk417 on
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When you are strapped for cash, and things aren't going your way, it can be quite a relief to see someone believes in you. I had a pile of medical bills and very little hope, when one day, along came a check in my mail from Wells Fargo. They wanted to give me a small personal loan, and all I had to do was cash tehir check. I didn't have to talk to anyone, and I didn't have to go through a lenghthy, personal approval process. So, I took the check to my bank, deposited it into my bank account, and paid some bills. I knew up front that my payment would be $38 a month, and I was prepared to pay it, because the interest was much less than most of my credit cards. While it is not ideal to rob Peter to pay Paul, it was a nice, quick fix that kept me from spending endless hours on the phone with bill collectors. Any time I have had a question, customer service has been courteous and easy to talk to. When my check was sent back to me 2 weeks past the due date one month, because it had been shredded by the mailing process, I called and explained my predicament. They refunded all late charges and understood that it was not my fault. So, I would recommend Wells Fargo as a lending agency, if getting a loan is a necessary evil.