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We're Not In Kansas Anymore

Reviewing: Garmin C340  |  Rating:
By 999frights on
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The Garmin C340 was fairly easy to set up. It did come with a short set of directions that just said to turn it own, choose a point of interest and go. (These are the only directions that came with the GPS.) When I turned it on, I first put in my address and told it to go there. It kept showing Kansas on the map. The pre-programmed points of interests were all in Kansas, as well. I turned it off and back on again. Started over, but this time, chose one of the Kansas locations. It attempted to find the Satellite and finally did after about 3 minutes. It was a cloudy day, so maybe it took longer than normal. I have not had any other issues.

I like that the American English Jill speaks the street names very clearly. She does, however, have quite an ATTITUDE if you don't follow her directions. She says, "Recalculating" with disgust and sounds very dramatic. I want to tell her to put a lid on it!

When selecting Points of Interest, I tried locating some points of interests and it did not find them. This was in a mall parking lot and I tried 2 restaurant chains and 1 fast food restaurant. None of them are new to the area. I was a bit surprised, but I guess it claims to have so many POI's and not ALL POI's. Some of the POIs it pulled up were places I had not even heard of.

One complaint I have is when putting in a street number, the Back button is right under the 0. I hit the back button by mistake when trying to hit 0 and it went back. This forced me to re-enter the City name. Luckily it will recognize the city after putting in the first 3 or 4 letters and then let you select it. I wish the back button left the city up and you could choose to discard or keep it.

Today I turned it on when I was in a parking garage and it asked if I was inside because it could not acquire a signal. I said yes, thinking that once I got out of the garage, it would try locating the signal again. WRONG! It said on the display that it turned itself off for indoor use. Next time, I know to say yes to that question if I am on my way out of a garage.

I like that this GPS has text to speech, calling out the street names that you need to turn on. I also like that it tells you in advance which way you will be turning and gives you an approximate mileage. That way, I know which lane to be in. When getting off the interstate, it told me to turn left onto X Rd and then Right, to forwarn that the next turn would be a right one. Once I got closer to my right turn, it repeated the right turn command, along with the street name.

You can add favorites in the GPS and when you want to delete it, you can delete just that one, without affecting your other locations. You can also have it navigate you with one stop between leaving and your final destination, but not multiple stops.

Garmin has a setting for WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) and the Garmin C340 comes with this not enabled. The WAAS makes your GPS more accurate, so you would want to enable it. To enable this go to Tools, System, GPS Mode. Enagle WAAS/EGNOS. Garmin's website currently says that WAAS is only available in North America.