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Werewolf Woman 1976 Widescreen

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This is the story of Daniella, a troubled young woman who was raped at 13, now in her twenties. She has dreams of a female ancestor who performed satanic rituals to become a werewolf and is killed by villagers.

Daniella hears voices and has dreams of her animalistic actions. She continually wakes up in the hospital, unaware of what she's done. Then, while awake, she starts switching to her violent personality as her animalistic side takes a firmer and firmer control of her mind and actions. Her sister and her sister's husband, who resembles one of her ancestor's killers, move onto their father's estate with her. His appearance really starts her up.

After another episode of her psychosis and waking up in the hospital (with the aid of a nymphomaniac who pleasures her first), she escapes and starts killing as if she was a werewolf, possessed by her ancestor's visions. This coupled with her sex phobia, because of her rape, makes for an extreme case of multiple personalities. She likes sex but as soon as she gets close to someone, male or female, she has an urge to kill them. Her life takes a positive turn and all seems to be going well. But then another series of tragedies hits her and she finally reverts to her animalistic personality, where she remains, and she seeks revenge. The police are after her for her killing spree.

Very basic. We just view Daniella's psychosis become worse and worse as it takes control of her until she snaps completely.

The story is weak and the director tries to make up for it with gratuitous nudity, sex, and violence. There's full nudity of the female characters and nude guys from the back. This was more of a softcore pornographic film than a movie. But we still do get a story.

Not very much atmosphere. Like most Italian films, the sets lack any depth or warmth. It feels like a low-budget film, which it is.

Daniella is played by Annik Borel, a sexy and voluptuous (39C-24-36:) French actress, who played in a few sexy French films. Her acting isn't very good. None of the cast can act really. All characters are rather flat and static.

Not very good cinematography. There's a lot of dark, shadowy, hard to view scenes, especially the night scenes.

Nothing worth mentioning. Daniella's werewolf (as her ancestor) has terrible make-up consisting of a nose piece, fangs, and fur but all of her human body is fully recognizable.

Directed by Italian exploitation director, Rino Di Silvestro. He's directed several movies involving rape. This movie might disturb some people due to the nudity and rape scenes. I didn't think it was too graphic. It's not a great movie but we do see Daniella's increasing psychosis and do feel sorry for her. If you don't mind exploitation, it's worth a view.