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Westworld 1973 Widescreen Full Screen Dvd

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Delos is a future amusement park in which visitors live out their fantasies in one of three different worlds populated by robots resembling humans. The worlds include Roman World, Medieval World, and Westworld. It is a success until the robots go haywire and attack guests.

Westworld had a mediocre reception but it does have its own diehard fans. It is an intriguing premise.

The story is intriguing and the finished movie is good, especially by 70s standards. It is simple yet thought provoking.

The film suffers from three things - slow plot, too many worlds, and the cheesy effects.

The plot is faster paced in Westworld but the other two worlds are unnecessary; they are most likely there to give us the impression that the park is huge. Medieval world takes time away from the Westworld scenes. We do not even get to see much of Roman World.

The special effects are mostly the electronics. The robots are simple effects - contact lenses and a covering for their hands. No electronics are seen except during repairs. Think Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman. The computer equipment is really dated.

The rest of the effects are not that special. They are your standard western and medieval sets; add a few horses and stuntmen and i's ready to go.

The effects are cheesy by today's standards but it was innovative back in the 70s. The movie is the first to use digitized computer images as part of a theatrical release. It is seen as being the Gunslinger's eyesight. It was a timely process that took eight hours to create ten seconds of film.

The acting is good for it being a 70s action film. The cast has a few big stars from the 70s.

The two main "human" stars are Richard Benjamin and the star of The Amityville Terror, James Brolin, Brolin's character is acalm and fun man, who is returning to Westworld for a repeat visit. He persuades Benjamin's character to tag along with him to get over his divorce. He starts out stiff, prim, and proper but grows to love being a gunfighter.

The real star is Yul Brynner, who plays a Westworld robot simply known as The Gunslinger. His expressionless face and stiff body movement make this an ideal role for him. His role is an homage to his character in The Magnificent Seven.

Westworld is an entertaining movie to watch, if you take into account the 70s, in which it was produced. It is worth a view by sci-fi and western fans.