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Wham O, Hydroplane Double Slip'n Slide

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Hydroplane Double Slip'n Slide

A product by WHAM'O Last summer we got are son this Slip'n Slide Hydroplane Double, the fun lasted for less than a day for my son.

We got home from the store, the kids were excited and I will admit that I was also a bit happy due to the fact I had some house cleaning to do and the kids would stay outside playing on the slip'n slide long enough for me to get the cleaning done.

My son and one of his cousins were out side and ready to get there slip'n slid on and the good thing about the slip'n slid was that it was real easy to set up. I spread the slid out on a flat grassy area and made sure there were no rocks, small branches and things like that. The next thing was to take the stakes and put them in the holes at each corner of the slid than I connected the hose to a built in sprinkler system that is suppose to continuously spray water from bumper that is attached to the side of the slip's slide that keeps the slide wet and that way all of the slid will stay wet and when the kids slid they will be able to slid all the way to the end then landing into the splash pool.

When I got done the slid was working real good and the kids started running and sliding. I went into the house and started cleaning. after awhile my son came into the house and said they were having fun but there knees did feel a bit sore. I went out side and the slide was still running good but then I started reading the box and on the box it stated that the side came with 2 slide boogie's but there was no boogie's in the box, they must have forgot to put them in the box and right then I knew this was a bad deal. The boogie's are a big part of the slide due to the fact they are used to lay on when sliding down the slide and that way the kids do not have to use there bare knees to slid down the slide. I told the kids that they should just stop and let there knees rest but you know how kids are, they did not want to stop.

To make a long story short, the slid ended up get a hole on the bottom of the bumper and that made the sprinkler part on the slide to stop spraying all of the slide, the slide then would have dry spots on it and that made it hard to slide. One of the corners ripped and the side then started to wrinkle slowly and again that made it hard to slide. The kids finally gave up on the slide and my son told me that maybe I could buy another one because they were a lot of fun.

The thing is that I would not mind buying another one for my son because I know he was having fun and it looked like such a good time that I was almost thinking about giving the slide a try but I did not want my son to think I was to much of a wierd'o, but the reason I would not buy another one is the fact that the slide did not even last one day. I understand nothing last forever and thing do rip and get worn out but not in one day and the product was also missing parts. I personally would not pay $30.00 bucks again for another one of these slip'n slides but maybe this coming summer I will look into another slip'n slide that is made by a different company.