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What A Disappointment

Reviewing: 20th Century Fox Film Corporation X Men Origins: Wolverine  |  Rating:
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I hope you weren't like me; waiting months for this movie to come out. I know being a superhero movie fan, in most cases, is truly rewarding. I have followed the X Men series not only through movies, but when a child, through the television programs. This was going to be the first time I was going to find out what happened to Wolverine, who he truly was. Excited is one one of the many adjectives I felt as I purchased my movie ticket. Though I did find out his origin, it wasn't worth it.

Most people couldn't pay me a high enough price to re-watch those horrible special effects that looked like they came from a disney animation movie. Aside of that I believe the acting was worse than most children at a high school's drama performance. The fake screaming, which happened every ten minutes, in fight scenes, held the same quality of acting as a ten year old pretending to be sick to miss school; truly pathetic.

Also, the main character is simply not the best character to base a movie around. Sure he was supposedly different before he lost his memory, yet he wasn't the character you could relate to. He still felt no pain or emotion, he was the character no emotional bond could attach to. When he lost his girlfriend, the pain he felt was nothing compared to what any regular average joe would feel. Myself, being a fan of Wolverine, could not relate to him whatsoever in the way he was portrayed.

This is just a product of hollywood trying to sell more crap carried by the name on the film. When people heard there was a new X Men, they got excited because of the past quality. However, this is a just a lesson being repeated again and again. Most producers should not make a prequel to every good movie unless, the prequel matches the quality of the first one. X Men Origins: Wolverine, sadly did not meet these expectations. Furthermore, there is a rumor that Hollywood is producing multiple prequels for the X Men series. Wow what a way to kill off the series with four more prequels, with possibly more to come. This contains Deadpool, Origins: Wolverine 2, Origins: Magneto, X Men: First Class.

I'm not the harsh guy who reviews movies hastily, I just voice what needs to be said. I would have given this movie a 1 if it wasn't for the occasional good/funny action scene. This is the type of picture one could sleep through and not feel bad about missing. I'm sorry to inform you if you were about to see this movie, but choose another one for your own benefit.