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What A Shame

Reviewing: Stephenie Meyer Breaking Dawn  |  Rating:
Jennifer Tang By Jennifer Tang on
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The last book in Bella's mindset of the Twilight Series. This book was a major disappointment, in my opinion. Though many who love this book may disagree, but I can't help but say that this book lacks a real plot and substance.

Bella and Edward get married. During the reception, Jacob tries to confront Edward and is sent away for not following the rules. He is still deeply in love with Bella, but Bella chose to be with Edward. More like pitying Edward since she thinks she should be with Edward as an obligation while Jacob will eventually find someone better.

This last book comes in 3 parts. The first and last are in Bella's point of view while the second is in Jacob's. Don't read the last section if you don't want to know what happens.

The first part seemed to be filled about the love making Bella has with Edward. Interesting? Not really. Nothing happens until the end.

The second part is about Jacob sulking around about Bella but protecting her all the same while quietly resenting what he's doing. That's all Jacob does in this section. He sulks and acts like a love sick puppy.

The third part is perhaps the more interesting section, but not really by much. Bella has undergone the transformation from a human to a vampire. She also has a new baby! If that wasn't enough, the entire family is completely astounded by Bella and her self control. She's "special." She even has a special power in which she can create a barrier, so you get to read about her stretching a thin thread around her friends to keep them safe. Interesting at all? Not at all. It's a strange thing describing a power that doesn't really look like you're doing anything. And worse than that, there's a battle in which nothing happens at all. There was a huge build up, and for what? Nothing.

This book was an enormous disappointment. It was a waste of the paper it was written on. Nothing occurs. It's just a bunch of pages with black text on it.

If you still want to read it, enjoy all you can.