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What A Waste Of Film This Movie Was

Reviewing: 20th Century Fox Babylon A.D.  |  Rating:
By autumnrose2008 on
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Being a huge Vin Diesel fan I could not wait to get this movie home and watch it. I was sure to love it I mean Vin Diesel is in if after all. Boy what was I thinking. The plot had holes a mile wide in it. You never really understand what the movie is truly about and just when I was wrapping my head around it the story line would change just a bit leaving me even more confused.The movie is based on the Book called Babylon Babies by Maurice Dantec. Published in 1999. After seeing the movie I have no desire to read the book I am sorry to say.

There are 3 Main Characters in this Movie Toorop, Aurora, and Sister Rebeka. There are also several other interactions through out the movie but they always include the 3 main characters. The movie is set in a post apocalyptic world and it follows the 3 characters on there trek to North America.

Toorop (Played by Vin Diesel) Is a for hire mercenary/terrorist. He has been hired to do a job, transport a young woman to New York city. Provided a passport and the chance to start all over again he takes the job not knowing what he has gotten him self into, and just how important his job is.

Sister Rebeka(Played by Michelle Yeoh) The protector of the young woman she is the one that meets Toorop out side. Telling him the rules. From the beginning I like Sister Rebeka her no nonsense attitude towards Toorop is humors in a movie that needs every little thing it can get.

Aurora(Played by Melanie Thierry) The young woman that Toorop is being paid to transport to New York City. She is an orphan left to the sisters to raise. A loving caring soul. She does not want to hurt any one or anything and will oppose any and all that choose to hurt others as she demonstrates during the movie.

Now what did I think of this movie. I thought it was horrible. There were only a few parts that would be worth mentioning. The special effects and all the explosions are what make this movie tolerable the acting is mediocre at best. It was as if they crammed in every thing a child had once said cool to making the movie a mish mash of special effects mixed with not so good acting. I have to wonder did the plot and the story line got lost on the cutting room floor some where? There is no rhyme or reason to the movie. Seems that when the movie was dragging on with not much to keep you interested they would throw in a fight scene. Like I said the special effects are the only thing that made this movie even slightly enjoyable.

Would I recommend this movie to any one. Not on your life. Not to my worst enemy. I would also have to say that for as bad as the movie was I would not recommend any one read the book either I mean how can the book be that much different. Sorry but not even Sexy Vin Diesel can save this movie. I will say that once again it was a pleasure to just see Vin and just how sexy of a man he really is. It was my favorite type of eye Candy. So for that its a alright movie. For the movie itself it sucked.

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