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What A Wonderful Place To Go

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I recently went on vacation with my family, and of course it was to Disney World in Orlando, Fl. Let me first say that planning a trip to Disney World is not as easy as one might think. There are many ways to go about this. The biggest thing we had to decide was if we wanted to book through Disney World and stay in a resort or to buy park tickets and stay outside of the resorts. Well we chose to book through the Disney resorts. They have so much to offer and the price wasn't too bad. The best thing about booking through the restorts in my opinion was the park hopper pass and the fast pass. The park hopper pass allowed us to go from one park to another all in the same day, and the fast pass allowed us to get a pass with a time to be back in line and thus cut down on our standing and waiting in line all day for one ride. Another decision we had to make was about food while we were there. We found it was best for us to eat out at a Mcdonald's or elsewhere. The park food was way to expensive. You can get meal deals with the resort packages though. If you look around the internet or in bookstores you can find a cheap way to take a wonderful trip the wonderful world of Disney. Before you try and plan a trip compare the resort package and figure out what it would cost to stay outside the resorts. You may not need or want everything that comes in a resort package. The packages are a great way to go if you want to impress your kids. There are some great resorts and you get some great bonuses. If you don't plan the trip right, it could cost you, and your trip might not be all that it could be.

There is so much to do and so much to see. There is a number of parks to visit and a number of rides to ride. I would recomend if you are planning to go you need at least 7 days. It's just to much to do in a couple of days. When we go back we are talking about taking two full weeks. Also try to plan a trip in off season(just before school lets out or right after the the kids go back to school), You have to remember people from all over the world come to see Mickey. I hope this helps you in planning a trip to Disney World. We are still learning, but have learned a great deal with planning our next trip. The biggest advise I can give is, do the Research. We've spent hours researching so we would not spend a fortune. We had a Blast, and because we researched we saved $500 at least maybe more.