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What Can I Say? I Am Really Impressed!

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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These Energizer Advanced Lithium Batteries really lasted a long time in my digital camera, and they were not that expensive. I think I am a convert.

I haven’t really been a fan of the pink bunny. Well, the bunny is cute, but I mostly buy Duracell batteries. However, this summer, in July, I wanted a set of AA batteries for my relatively new camera, the Canon Powershot SX10IS, the only lithium batteries I could find that day were these Energizer ones, so I bought them. I do have rechargeables, but these aren’t very practical on hikes.

Well, here we are at the end of November and they just died. Let me elaborate. I am not an occasional camera user. I take pictures all the time. These batteries lasted through almost 5 total weeks of hiking trips, where I was taking pictures a lot. In between the hikes, while I was home, I take pictures for 4 blogs, and family snapshots. What finally finished these off was producing several video reviews for Shared Reviews. To get the few minutes that I used, I took about an hours worth of raw video. The next morning the batteries were finally dead.

Please note that is four months of regular use! I’m sure they wouldn’t last quite so long if you were shooting flash pictures all the time, or taking a lot of video on a regular basis. But for the way I use the camera, these clearly have lasted longer than any other batteries.

These batteries claim to last up to four times as long in digital cameras, and be particularly good for handheld games and personal audio players. They come in AAA and AA. I can’t say that I have any way to test that 4X as long claim, but I can sure say that they last very well.

When I went to buy another set of four to replace them, The cost was only $6.97, and there was a $2.00 coupon attached, so I got these batteries for $1.25 each! Those of us who grew up in the film era think of digital pictures as almost free. Of course, they aren’t quite. One needs memory cards, lots of disk storage and batteries. But these batteries not only last exceptionally well, but they are reasonably priced, making that ideal of "almost free" somewhat real.