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Reviewing: Bebe Sounds Angelcare Movement/Sound Monitor Ac201 2p  |  Rating:
autumnleaves By autumnleaves on
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I must say I could not live without this. This monitor has really saved my sanity. I actually believe it has also diagnosed my son with sleep apnea and saved his life. I was very skeptical of it actually working at first. I was really suprised when it did.

This monitor detects the movement and sound of the infant. There is a sensor pad that requires being placed under the middle of the crib mattress that will detect the babies slightest movement. This even detects the soft breathing of a newborn. There is a base unit that stays in the babies room. This unit has a wire running from it to the sensor pad. There is another unit that can be placed anywhere in the house so you can hear the baby. Both units can be plugged into the wall or run off of batteries.

If the baby doesn't move in 15 seconds the monitor will beep. If this doesn't startle the baby enough to start moving it will then start alarming very loudly with a constant noise at 20 seconds. This is very scary when it happens to you. It has happened to my son on several occasions. When I have gone in to check on him he is starting to take a deep breath. Really scary.

The monitor has several different features. You can just use it for a sound monitor. There is a sensitivty nobe on the back of unit where you can control the sensitivity of the sensor pad. We were able to leave ours at the factory setting and it works fine. There is also a tick feature. If you turn this feature on everytime the sensor pad picks up movement it will tick.

The sound quality is very good. I have noticed if the 2 units become to close to one another there is a screeching sound.

You can also use this monitor in a bassinet or pak-n-play if needed.

My son can wiggle to any corner of the crib and this monitor still picks up his breathing. I HIGHLY recommend this to any mother or father.