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What Fixes Every Boo Boo? Mommy And Neosporin.

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tldann By tldann on
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Whether it is a scrape, a scratch, a bite, a burn, a bruise or any other normal kiddy ailment you can think of, Neopsorin and Mommy can cure anything.

I never used Neosporin before I had children but now I use it every day. Grandma started it, evry time my son would get any kind of BooBoo while at her hosue she would put Neosporin on it and it always seemed to help.

I don't know if it is all in his mind or not but it makes him stop crying immediatley when i dab on the Neosporin. Add to it a kiss from Mommy and he is as good as new.

So now for every fall, scrape, scratch, bruise, bite, splinter, stumped toe, head bump, finger smash, or anything that my son may have happen to him, real or imaginary, Neosporin fixes it and a kiss from Mommy cures it.