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What Greeted My Mom On Her Special Day

Reviewing: Hallmark "My Bday Wish For U" Folded Card  |  Rating:
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I ordered this cute, 5x7 birthday card for my mom for free when Hallmark.com was having a promotion on their site. The card usually retails for $3.49. This was for her 50th birthday. She loves the characters Hoops and Yoyo, so when I saw this, I thought it was perfect. Hoops is the pink cat and Yoyo is the green bunny rabbit.

The card is colorful. I find some of the colors a little drab though like the red on the balloon and the magenta on Hoops' body. I've seen him look a bit pinker and brighter. Also the text on "birthday wish" seems a little dark, but it does stand out on the lemon-lime background. Bear in mind, this is me being nit-picky. The quality of the colors didn't ruin the card-giving experience in any big way for me. It was just something I noticed. I really like Hoops' expression on the front. It's so cute. He looks as if he was about to jump right off the stool and attack you with love and excitement. I think it's all about his little smirky, mischevious grin. Oh, and I love his little party hat. The inside of the card says: Hope you have the best birthday ever! It's in a nice black font (There's no picture of that in my gallery because I wrote a message on the inside). I think that's a great sentiment.

I had no problem ordering online through their site. I picked for the card to come to me because I wanted to fill this one out by hand instead of writing an online message. You have the option to do it that way and have it sent to you, or you can send it right to your recipient's address with your message filled in online and Hallmark will send it to them. I think it may be better to send it the second way (Right to the recipient) because they send it in an envelope, but inside that envelope is your card. There is no second envelope to give once that one is ripped open. When you send to a recipient there is no charge for shipping either. You aren't even charged for the stamp. So if you find something you like, it can be better money-wise to buy online, rather than driving all the way to the store to pick out a card, using your own gas and then, using your own stamp to mail it.

My mom thought the card was adorable, but the first thing she noticed was that only Hoops was on it. Automatically, she was looking allover for Yoyo on the inside, on the back, before reading the message, and asked me where he was. Luckily, I also sent her an e-card with both of them in it to make up for it.