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What Have They Done?

Reviewing: Tokyopop Digimon Zero Two Volume 1  |  Rating:
By Collin Skeen on
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After seeing the volume count of the sequel to the Digimon manga series, Digimon Zero Two, I got very scared. Two volumes to cover an entire 50 episode series? Is that even possible? Well, I found out.

The translation follows the english dub completely. English names and attacks were used, which really baffles me, because the term "Digimon Zero Two" is a Japanese term. Anyways, no real noticeable typos anywhere. However, Davis's new rap-like way of talking is really...strange.

This volume's cover sports Ken, Paildramon, and Davis on an orange background. One, less content-related, note is that TOKYOPOP used a stiffer cover print than their traditional glossy cover. Please, TOKYOPOP, these new covers are really, well, scratchy in a way. The original covers feel and look much better. Content-wise, the artwork looks just like the TV series, but a bit more fluid, which kind of captures the essence of the characters a bit better.

The content is where we have problems. Fitting over 25 episodes in seven chapters? You lose all character development with the Digimon Emperor, well, actually, you lose pretty much all character development whatsoever. You lose so many important sidequests and stories...this volume completely destroys any trace of integrity that the English dub of Zero Two even had.

It hurts me to say this, as the TV version of this series was one of my favorites, but as an adaptation of that TV series, this manga volume absolutely sucks. There's no personality left, and it just feels like it's a cheap way to make money by feeding off the Digimon cash cow. Unless you feel like you have to support Digimon in America, please save yourself the trouble and DON'T buy Digimon Zero Two Volume 1.