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What Is A Heffalump?

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Everybody loves Winnie the Pooh. Such a cuddly bear who just wants to eat his honey. But what happens when a Heffalump is on the loose? Heffalumps are dangerous creatures, you know! For younger school-aged children, the words in this story are not too hard to read and easy to understand. My daughter (age 6) thought the name Heffalump was very funny and enjoyed hearing and reading of the exploration of Lumpy and Roo.

When Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Rabbit see Heffalump tracks, they decide to go on a Heffalump hunting expedition. Unfortunately, they have to leave Roo behind since he is not an adult. Roo decides to go on his own hunt since he was excluded from the big hunt. As the first group goes into Heffalump Hollow, Pooh and Piglet think they found a Heffalump hiding in the bushes. They set their trap and capture, who else, Rabbit and Tigger!

Meanwhile, Roo actually finds a real Heffalump, and they quickly become friends. Roo wants Lumpy, the Heffalump, to meet his friends. So off to Pooh's house they go, only to find Pooh isn't home. But Lumpy sees the honey and wants some. Soon most of the honey is gone and the house is a mess. Off to Rabbit's house they go, but again, finding nobody home. They sit in Rabbit's garden and eat watermelon together and a food fight soon entails, leaving the garden a disaster. Then Lumpy hears his mother calling and they need to return him home. As Roo and Lumpy go to find Lumpy's mother, the other four retun to 100-acre woods. They see Lumpy's footprints and find the mess at Pooh's house and Rabbit's garden and set new traps.

Sadly, Roo and Lumpy cannot find Lumpy's mom, so they go back to have Kanga help them. As they are on their way to Roo's house, Pooh and the gang see Lumpy with Roo and think that Roo is in trouble and capture Lumpy to protect Roo. Roo lets Lumpy out of the trap, but Lumpy is so shaken up that he stumbles and nearly falls into a deep tree patch. Roo, holding onto a rope that is around Lumpy, flies in the air and lands in the middle of the trees, but is trapped. Lumpy then trumpets his trunk (the first time he's ever been able to), and his mom comes charging through. She is assured that Lumpy is alright, and helps rescue Roo. Lumpy begs his mom to let them stay a while to play, and she agrees. Soon Roo and Lumpy are off playing and Lumpy's mom is meeting the rest of the gang.

This book teaches a valuable lesson to kids: tolerance. I like that Roo and Lumpy become friends despite their differences, and they don't see their differences. I believe this teaches children about racism and "abnormal" children, and how they can still be friends. The story is well-told, the pictures are colorful and teaches children a lesson. It is a story that I don't mind reading over and over with my children, especially when told with a cuddly bear!