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What Is A Sai?

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By mom2one on
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Here is another Martial Arts weapon that anyone would love.

These weapons are called a Sai. They are sold in pairs.

These weapons are far from toys; in fact they do have a semi pointy tip to them so they must be used with caution.

My son's Tae Kwon Do instructor will only allow those students Brown Belt or higher to take his Sai class.

My son was thrilled when he was finally able to take the Sai class.

These particular Sais are made out of aluminum so they are lightweight. Being they are lightweight makes them perfect demonstration weapons.

The hexagonal shape reflects more light, which leads to a very impressive demonstration when a student learns how to handle it.

Learning how to use a Sai takes a lot of practice. My son has dropped his Sai many, many times. The good thing about these Sais is the metallic finish still looks sharp even with the dropping from my son. There isn't any chipping or cracking in the finish.

I really feel these Sais are worth the money. We haven't had any problem with them and they seem very durable, which is very important in a Martial Arts weapon.