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What Is The Hype About Gymboree Clothing??

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By Geralyn Hydock on
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What is all the hype about Gymboree Children's clothing you may ask yourself? I too was clueless up until the time my grandson was born two years ago this April. Before then, I had heard about the company but I never purchased any of my own children's clothing there. That has dramatically changed. I am now a grandma who is totally hooked on their clothing. Just ask my husband, he'll vouch for me as he complains about the tubs of clothes in our bedroom.

Gymboree clothes are very unique in that they have various lines or collections in sizes newborn to twelve years of age. The lines are truly adorable but they do have a tendency to repeat a lot of them. Each line or collection has numerous pieces to them and you can go borke purchasing each and every item that is in such line.

The company constantly adds new collections every two to three months. There women in the community and on Yahoo groups who wait with baited breath for them to come out. Somehow they can find out secretly what is going to come out and they email one another with pictures and they tell what items they like or going to buy. Talk about addiction! After such new lines do come out, Gymboree tneds to discount the older lines by twenty percent. This savings helps those addictees like myself to complete lines at a cheaper price.

Gymboree does help out it's customers by sending out various percent off coupons to use in the store or online, by holding baby and holiday sales, and with Gymbucks. Gymbucks are unique in that if you purchase fifty dollars in merchandise during a specific time period you earn twenty five dollars that you can spend during another time period. You get double for your money.

For the most part, I have found the quality of the clothing to be excellent. There have been a couple of pieces which they used cheaper material and the item did not wear well. You will find that with any other company. Another great feature about this clothing is it's resale value. One can sell used Gymboree clothing on E-bay, Craigslist, Yahoo groups, and other sales sites. When selling the clothes you can expect to get at least half of what you originally paid for them. Not only does quality help with this but so do all the other moms and grandmoms out there looking for certain pieces to thier new or old lines.

Is this addicting? It truly is but I do have to say that I do love Gymboree clothing very much. Despite the cost, the lines are to die for and you are able to turn around and sell them for a good price when your child outgrows them. There are certain pieces that we have kept, the ones we adored whe my grandson wore them. Check the store out for yourself and don't be surprised it you fall in love just as I did!