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What Makes A Rainbow?

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What Makes a Rainbow, by Betty Ann Swartz, is a cute little book about a little bunny who after a rain sets out find what exactly it takes to make a rainbow. Bunny begins to ask his friends what makes a rainbow. The animal friends, each being a different color, tell the bunny that theirs is a color that's needed to make a rainbow. Of course, the lady bug believes red is most important, while the grasshopper thinks it is green.

The book is illustrated by Dona Turner and when each page is turned a colored ribbon appears corresponding to the color of the animal on that page. By the end of the story, six ribbons stretch across the top of the page. My daughter loves to play with these ribbons and it holds her interest as I read the text.

This book is a board book, and has been fairly indestructible. Although, on the last page, there is a pop-up cardboard rainbow that has been torn off and keeps resurfacing in the kids' toybox. I've given up on re-attaching it but it doesn't seem to matter.

This book has a good lesson, and I would recommend it for your little one's library.