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What Make's Sense And What Is Nonsense?

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Anh Azam By Anh Azam on
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ALICE'S Adventures in WONDERLAND by Lewis Carroll

What makes sense and what doesn't in this novel? By Anh Azam

Last night I was expecting my mother to call me for a scold The reason was that my mother assumed that I made a dent in the family car because I am a new a driver. Without reason, my mother took my privileges and did not give me a chance to explain. Things as such do not make sense. And then there are particular events when whatever she says to me, makes sense. I remember only last week when I explained to her about the different aspects of growing up and what it takes to be independent.

Alice Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll is a fine piece of novel that consists of sense and nonsense events. It is a novel that is not only enjoyed by toddlers but also the adults. That is why Lewis makes sure to include all aspects and issues in his book. So not only is it enjoyable but also it relates to each other.

Rules and regulations was a major aspect of Alice in the Wonderland, it was very strict and they had a monarchy. This makes sense because people need rules and regulations to follow in order to prosper and get a head in life.

The characters in the story wearing different outfits does not make sense, the rabbit wearing a vest and dressed as a gentleman does not make sense. In reality, you do not see any rabbit hoping in bunny suits unless forcefully done.

The value of time played a major role in the novel, there were times when it did not make sense at all; The mad hatter explained to Alice, "It's always tea time, and we've no time to wash the things between whiles." (Carroll, 72) He later on explains that he has to do so because the queen punished him for killing time for singing horribly. Singing horribly is not killing time but something that you do not have a talent for. On the other hand, the rabbit is always in hurry represents that he values time every time he looks at his watch and even though he is running late, he always makes it on time.

The Cheshire Cat questions Alice where does she want to go? When Alice asks him which way to go. This is very common growing up, when you are a teenager, you seem to be confused about various amounts of things and you have no idea which direction to take.

So you see, there are so many examples that Carroll mentions but we never stop to think about that it has a deeper meaning.