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What Number Are You?

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agngg By agngg on
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Hi, my number is 85...I thought I was a 35, but I was wrong!

My husband and I were in need of a new mattress, and we wanted something good, that would last us. We were torn between the memory foam type mattress and the Sleep Number bed by Select Comfort.

We decided on the Sleep Number and purchased the 7000 series in California King. I am so glad we made this decision!

First of all, while looking at "regular" mattresses, I thought I wanted a softer mattress, and my husband wanted firm. We couldn't agree. What I like about this bed is that there are dual chambers, so we both get to set our own side to be as soft or firm as we want it, without bugging one another.

When we tried the beds out in the store, we got to set the number how we wanted it, to get a feel for it. I swore I was in the 35 range. O being softest, and 100 being most firm. My husband was up in the 90 range.

So we get the bed, delivery was quick and they set it all up wonderfully...if you get one, I suggest watching the delivery guys build it...it's cool.

The first night we slept on it...I woke up super worried and in pain!! My neck and back were killing me! We honestly thought we were going to have to return it! But I kept adjusting, and the more firm the mattress got, the better I felt! There goes my soft mattress...I NEEDED a firm one! All I could think of was, What if I would have bought a soft mattress that couldn't be adjusted?? I'd either have to deal with it, or endure the hassel of a return!

So I ended up with an 85 and the best sleep EVER! What's funny is that my husband actually kept lowering his, so now his side is way softer than mine! Go Figure! You never really know what you want or need until you live with it for a while.

It was also very convienant to be able to adjust my side of the bed during my pregnancy. I was so surprised how quickly my body was changing, and it was nice that my bed was able to accomodate my changing form.

All in all, this was a great buy! I won't ever look back! It's amazing quality, it looks great, feels great, has a 25yr warranty and if we ever move, Select Comfort will move our bed for us!

Also, we were going to go for the gold and buy the 9000 series (top of the line model) But we ended up buying the 7000 series and we bought a mattress topper, with Memory Foam, surrounded by DOWN! OMG!! It is heaven!!!! Thanks to the sales lady...that topped it off amazingly!!! And was a better deal as well.

So if you're curious...get a Sleep Number...you'll be surprised what your number ends up being!