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What The Bleep Do You Know? Quantum Realities

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I had watched, "What the Bleep Do We Know?" at some friends home one evening a few years ago. I left the evening wondering, if I was going to drive down some parallel universe, then end up living the life I thought, I always deserved.

Well, we all have moments of thought, when we don't appreciate what is right in front of our faces.

"What the Bleep Do We Know?", gets right in your face, with everything you never knew, was happening under those sub atomic particles that we are all made up of. Yet, it is more than just a jump into the looking glass, that seems to make the world go around.

This DVD, rocked my world. It brought up ideas that, flat out, challenged the way I saw reality and every single thing in it. I needed a life raft, else I would be taken down some sub atomic soup of a whirl pool, and never see anything for what I had once thought it to be. Why? Because everything on this DVD was true.

Yes, I got home and ordered it through Amazon. I have watched it so many times now, I keep expecting to see my life through some quantum eye at any given time, then never see anything the same again.

"What the Bleep Do We Know?" has many different stories to tell. Characters playing out roles, that are so ordinary, then suddenly take a turn into "The Twilight Zone" of a deeper, underneath reality; where everything is subjective and relies on our intent, to write our own realities into a script that is, "Life itself".

This DVD is not rated. If you watch it with your children, be forewarned; you will not be able to explain this to them, let alone yourselves.

Seriously though, "What the Bleep Do We Know?" should be a mandatory primer, for all of us to take, before taking that next leap into the Quantum Universe.

The DVD is widescreen, Dolby, closed captioned, subtitles, English, German and Spanish.