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What Time Is It? Animal Crossing Time!

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This is one of Nintendo’s single most creative games ever made. Not only does it have cute characters that walk around and talk with you, but it uses real time! When you’re not playing, things still happen in your time. Every time the game is started it figures out what happened while you were gone and updates the game before you start playing.

If you are wondering what this game is all about, let me explain. You begin the game in a taxi cab on a rainy day. You talk with the cab driver about yourself. You give him your name, where you are going, and some other pieces of information. This is just a creative way of getting the information needed to create your town and your character. After you are done in the cab, you start the game by your newly created house in your newly created town.

There isn’t a way to “win” Animal Crossing. There is, however, a large variety of goals to achieve and things to obtain. There aren’t really any rules, either. You do whatever you fell like whenever you feel like it.

A lot of the game is based on earning and spending money. The currency is called “bells.” When you create your town and house, you have a mortgage that you have to pay off for the house. To get started, you have to do a little work for Tom Nook, the owner of the general store. You plant some flowers, deliver a few things, and some other stuff for him. When you finish, he gives you a little bit of money to start paying off your mortgage.

After that, you can start doing whatever you want. There are many things to do. You can fish, catch butterflies and other bugs, shake trees for money and furniture (!), dig up fossils and gyroids (funny little singing things that you can put in your house or sell), and many other things. You can also pick fruit from trees to eat or sell. There are so many things to do that you’ll just have to play to find out.

In your house, you can put furniture, fish that you catch (in tanks), fossils, and bugs that you catch (in bug cages). You can buy the furniture at Tom Nooks store. Special furniture can be obtained during town events. When you pay off your mortgage, you can get an addition to your house and another mortgage. This gives you a bigger house with more room. When your house is as big as it can get, it will have 4 rooms on the bottom floor, an upstairs room, and a third level room that is the save room (where you can go to “sleep, ” A.K.A. save and quit the game). Up to 4 human players can live in one town. They share the same house and mortgage.

You can customize the look of your character with new hair-dos and clothing. Clothing can be bought at the Able Sisters. You can get shirts, accessories, umbrellas, hats, etc. You can switch your characters shirt, accessory (sunglasses, mustache, etc.), or hat at any time. If it’s raining, you can even pull out your umbrella and use it.

The WiFi capabilities of the game are pretty cool. This allows you to play with other people who have the game. They can either be nearby (direct linking) or over the internet (through a WiFi adapter or router). You can visit their town. While there, you can visit villagers’ houses, have timed fishing and bug catching contests, and whatever else you can come up with.

Animal Crossing Wild World is one of my favorite video games ever. It may seem a bit kiddish, but it’s really quite fun. I’ve seen plenty of adults who play it and enjoy it.

It doesn’t get much more fun that playing ACWW.