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What To Know About The Motorola Q

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By writerchick on
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I got the Motorola Q a year and a half ago. What attracted me was its Qwerty keyboard, and it's internet capability. Also, through Verizon I got a 100.00 rebate, which certainly helped. Overall, this is a good phone - much better than the Samsung phone I had before.

The display is straightforward and easily customizable. I continue to be impressed by the many ringtones that the phone came with too. The reception is excellent; I've only gotten dropped calls because of the service that the other person I was talking to was using. The battery life is okay for moderate use, but if you're constantly on your phone it isn't good at all.

Probably the best thing about this phone is the Qwerty keyword. I love that the buttons are raised, so you don't have to use a pin thingy to click on each letter. It certainly makes for easier texting!

This phone has camera capabilities, as well as video recording capabilities. The pictures only come out so-so, and you have to be in the right light too. Given the price I paid for this phone, I would have thought that the photo quality would be better.

When it comes to the video recording capabilities, they are unreliable, and it takes a while for the option to load in the appropriate screen. I would say just bring along a video recorder instead of relying on the phone.

Probably the biggest problem with this phone is its software downloading issues. For example, when Daylight Savings came around, I had to download software (through the accipanying USB cable and the CD-ROM program) to allow my phone to automatically change the time. Well, to this day (I downloaded it when I first got the phone) it doesn't load properly, and I have had to manually re-set the time by putting it on a different time zone.

The phone also has a tendency to call people randomly, and also take pictures randomly. I have no idea why that happens, but while it was funny at first, it definitely has become annoying. Bottom line: for the price, the Motorola Q isn't really all that great, and I plan on changing my phone.