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What's The Point Of Having Cable Or Satellite?

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By Krystal Bruner on
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What is the point of having Cable or Satellite when you don't get the channels you want without having to pay a fee? If you have Cable, you only get at least 15 good channels that you would like to watch, then many you wouldn't watch even if you were majorally bored. With Satellite, you get lots of channels, but all the really good channels are ones you have to buy. Just like Cable. Sure its great to see what shows are on, what type of shows there are, but what's the point when a show you really, really like is on, and you don't have the channel it's on.

What if your child or sibling wants to watch a one-time show, that was not going to be on again, but its on that one channel you don't have. What are you going to do? Either you can call your provider and get the channel, or you just tell your child that you can look for it on DVD. Or VHS. Your child or sibling just missed out if you couldn't afford to buy the channel. So, really, what's the point?

And what about those annoying times when a channel you've bought or already had, stops working? You just lost your chance at watching a show. How totally annoying. Then there's the times when a storm is raging outside your home, and the wires for the cable get wet, or the satellite can't get a signal. Now you have to wait for the storm to be over, and if its dark, for the sun to come up. How very annoying. So, here's the question. What's the point?