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When In Rome, Do What The Romans Do

Reviewing: Sega Rome Total War Gold Edition  |  Rating:
By korg on
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If you like Stratgey based games like I do, you'll love this game. I'm a avid gamer and I love this game. In the begining you play as one of three factions vying for control of the known world from Spain to Egypt, one day hoping to become the dominant faction and eventaully Emperor of Rome. You control your cities on a turn by turn basis, control building functions, taxes, Army development and diplomatic moves. If you like many facets of events going on, you'll love managing turn to turn, but there is also an auto manage function that allows the computer to run your cities for you.

On to the fighting! There's two main ways to fight: if you're in a hurry, you can use the auto resolve button and let the computer determine the outcome; or if you're an action lover, you can fight the battle in 3-D, controlling your armies on the battlefield. You can also beseige a city and try and starve out your enemy, but this takes time and allows for reinforcements to arrive. This can be complicated, but after a few times it becomes easier. The graphics on this game, in my opinion, are incredible.

So in conclusion if you like action based or stratgey based games you'll love this game as it combines both into a stunning visual and mental game. Hail Roman and conquer your throne!