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When The Wind Blows

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A co-worker recently found out that I love to read, so one day he brought in about 6 novels from James Patterson. Now, I usually will read pretty much anything, but never having read anything by James Patterson before, I was a bit leery since I knew about the kind of books he writes. Also, after reading the synopsis of the book, I thought it would be more wierd than anything, however, I decided to give it a try.

I just have to say that the book captured my attention from the start. I did think it was really wierd and I didn't know if I would continue to like it as I got further into it, but I think that sheer curiosity prompted me to continue on with it.

I liked that it was suspensful and kept you guessing. It was a complete departure from what I am used to reading and while the characters they introduce to you are so completely unreal, if you are able to use your imagination and not try to base this book on real life, then you start to really enjoy the book's characters.

Also, even though the breeding of super human children such as these introduced in the book isn't possible, it really makes you begin to wonder just what kind of things mankind of capable of when it comes to genetics and what kinds of genetic advances we will see in the future.