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When Will I Get A Chance To Go For Skiing Again?

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By akhil on
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I went to skiing only once and really hope that I would go for another one this winter as I really liked the first one. The thought of going for skiing really excited me and it was really worth the excitement. It was the first time I went for skiing as it is difficult to even find snow in India, leave skiing aside. My friends and I went to this trip and we went to Apple mountain as it is one of the best places for skiing. There were people(teachers) who helped me in learning skiing easily. Though it was first time for me, I quickly caught up with my friends much to their and also my surprise, though I was doing only beginner skiing and they were doing intermediate. After almost a full day's skiing I did skiing almost as good as my friends who had experience in skiing. The sight of the skiing and the Apple mountain does really help in making people take interest in skiing. The skiing area was spread around for some vast area and I bet there were some thousand people already skiing when we went there and many more joined us later. There were many slopes and many vertical drops for exciting skiing. Everything was very well organized and there is not a single trace of any dirt or any place not organized well. Even the slopes, curves and the vertical drops were very well maintained for better safety. But I didn't even go near them as I was new then. I was just skiing on flat area which was the safest zone, though every place is very well protected and there is a help for everything. I may try these slopes next time, hopefully. The snow was covering the whole area and though I fell a couple of times, I wasn't hurt a bit. Everything needed for skiing is provided by the people there. The entry ticket is very low cost and is not at all a problem to go again and again there. The people there go for some races too and this time we definitely are going to participate in them. There is a very good cafeteria for coffee and food which we had in between our skiing sessions. There is also a rest place to take breaks from skiing and to relax in the interim. It really was a great experience and we didn't get a chance to go again because of the hectic schedules. Hopefully, we may go this year which I really am looking forward to!