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When Your Nose Needs A Break

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sparkle333 By sparkle333 on
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Recently, I developed the weirdest kind of cold. My symptoms were very different than the usual "wet" sniffles. This time, my nasal passages became extremely dry and crusty. Nothing seemed to help alleviate this, and during the night, I would awaken and not be able to breathe.

I've never cared much for nasal sprays, because so many of them caused rebound symptoms in a few days. Then I ended up in worse shape than I started. But I remembered several times, different doctors have suggested that I used a saline spray when I had a cold, so I thought I would try it, as nothing could be worse than the horrible dryness that I was already feeling.

Well, I tried it, and to my amazement, there was no rebound effect, and the spray immediately relieved a great deal of the dryness and other symptoms for awhile, and also opened up my sinuses. It is also referred to on the bottle as a nasal moisturizing spray.

Quite frankly, I was afraid that "salt" might irritate my already inflamed nasal passages even more, but I was so happy that this was not the case. I am sure that the percentage of saline is very important, and this spray is a sodium chloride solution of 0.65%. You simply squeeze the bottle twice in each nostril. Depending on the angle, it delivers either a spray, a stream, or a drop. You can choose.

The greatest thing about this spray is that you can use it, as needed, without fear of side effects. There are various brands of saline nasal sprays available, but the Target Saline Nasal Spray is just as effective, and much less expensive. It was the best $1.74 that I've ever spent, because it helped me to breathe again!