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When Your Nose Wants To Go For A Swim..

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For a while now, I have had a problem with the linings of my nose feeling really dry. I feel quite sniffly and stuffed up, even when I don't have a cold. Some time ago, I saw this product in the drugstore and thought, "Hey, why not give this a try?"

It is supposed to soothe the inside of your nose right away. You can use it all the time, and it allays the dryness that comes along with the use of allergy medications. I use allergy medicine everyday. I was hoping this would help with my parched passages. Unfortunately, I have not found it to be effective. It feels very refreshing and hydrating when I first use it, but then it dries, and I am left where I started.

A great thing about this bottle is that it is multi-functional. If you hold it vertically, it delivers a spray. If you hold it horizontally, it puts out a stream of fluid. If you hold it upside down, it distributes the saline drop by drop.

The size of the bottle I bought is 45 cc (1.5 fl. oz.). In it, is a solution of sodium chloride 0.65% in purified water (USP), made isotonic with sodium phosphate/sodium hydroxide, with phenylcarbinol and benzalkonium chloride (preservatives).