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Whimsical Pocket Dragons!!

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Once you see these cute little guys, and hold one in your hand you will fall in love. I first came across Pocket Dragons when my family and I were at a Collectible Convention in Rosemont, Illinois. When we walked by their booth for the first time I fell in love, they were so adorable!! What was also neat was that weekend their creator was their signing autographs so I was able to get each figurine I purchased signed by him!

Pocket Dragons were created by Real Musgrave and the first collection of them was released in 1989. As of 2006 there are over 400 different figurines. Each figurine depicts the little dragons in various situations and all of them are equally as adorable. If I could I would probably own each of the 400 figurines but I would have no room nor really any use for them except to look at them every now and again and smile.

From my picture you can see I do have quite a few, and I have a few more that I have yet to set out. I tend to buy ones that have special meanings to me or I can identify with the "situation" their creator has put them in. Or if they're just too darn cute I snag them up too!

Each Pocket Dragon has a saying, or situation that depicts their design. Some examples are: "I think I Forgot." This one has a cute little confused look on his face with his hands behind his back. Totally depicts me because I am soooo forgetful! "I Ate the Whole Thing, " with the little guy holding his belly and looking down at it. I myself can be a human garbage can and alot of people can't believe how much I can eat! Also, "Does This Make me Look Fat, " with the little girl dragon wearing a skirt and looking down at it with a shocked look on her face. Yep, come on ladies, you KNOW you have asked this question at some point in your lives! These are just a few selects of my favorites and ones that I've identified with. It would take me days to touch upon each and every ones individual cuteness.

Sadly their creator Real announced their retirement as of December 2006. You can still find these figurines in some collectible shops, including Hallmark. Their maker is Goebel and I was just on their website and they have some of the little guys clearanced out at $5-10. Normally priced they range anywhere from $15-$50 depending on their size. I just might have to order a couple of these and add to my collection. I think I have a little bit of room left! :o)

Pocket Dragons also make a great gift so go look for them and gift gift gift!