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Whirlpool Drinking Water Filter

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When I was building my kitchen, I installed a water filter. I've had one for twenty years. The water out of the tap really doesn't taste good enough to drink without filtering. Since I had the option, I put in a small bar sink and faucet (the faucet comes with the filter system) and split the line between the sink and refrigerator so the ice cubes wouldn't taste funny. The faucet is light weight, but the valve is very sturdy, and it is tall enough to fill a large pitcher or vase, even in the shallow bar sink.

Good ol' Lowe's had the best filter system. It gets out everything down to one micron ( anything that will hurt you is bigger than that as far as organisms go ) and filters out taste and odor as well. Most people say that the local water tastes of chlorine. I wouldn't know. The filter removes all of that. In fact, I used to like Aquafina bottled water. Now I like my own far better. I do like the empty bottles, though. Once filled with my good tasting water, they work just fine in the car and next to the computer. About every month the bottles and caps go through the dishwasher just to be safe.

The filter also comes with PEX hoses. This is a type of plastic hose that is far superior to any plumbing system that came before. You simply push the cleanly cut end of the hose into the splitter, filter or faucet and it can't be pulled out by hand or pushed out by water pressure. Since I had to supply the refrigerator, I spent extra for stainless braided hoses. These are sold for use wherever a small water line is under constant pressure. The plumber installed copper line in my last house. Copper line doesn't like it when you move the refrigerator. I don't want to ever replace a hardwood floor again, so I'm buying these from now on.

I keep an old-fashioned enameled coffee pot on the stove for adding water to a simmering pot. It takes less than half a minute to fill that. A liter water bottle fills in about ten seconds. It's not gushing out of the faucet, but it's much faster than refilling a pitcher. I've owned the really expensive filters with huge reservoirs for fast flowing drinking water. The pitchers remind me of Boy Scouts, canteens and purification tablets. I prefer this one overall for function, space requirements and cost.

My filters must not have to get much out, or by separating it from the main sink I have really reduced its use, because I haven't had to replace the filters in two years. Since this Whilrpool product is widely available, and bottled water is rapidly losing its charm due to landfill concerns, replacements ought to be available when I need them.

I've paid for this filter system three times just in savings on bottled water. It feels good to keep the money. It feels really good to be ahead of the curve ecologically, too.