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Whirlpool Gold Quiet Partner Iii Dishwasher

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Back in October, my husband learned that our state of Virgina, was removing the sales tax for all Energy Star major appliances, starting the Friday before Columbus Day and the Monday following. WaHoo! Talk about timing. We had recently discussed buying a new dishwasher. Ours was seriously showing signs of caring for our family of five.

We settled on the Whirlpool Gold, Quiet Partner III. In addition to the No Sales Tax weekend, the store was offering an extra 20% discount for three specific manufacturers. Whirlpool being one of the three. We selected our model, paid, set up a delivery and installation date and managed to walk out the door paying less than $500. I was stoked!

The Whirlpool Gold, Quiet Partner III is fabulous! One of my pet peeves with the old dishwasher was having to place my long spatulas, wooden spoons and such, on the top rack because they were too tall, hindering the top rack from sliding without getting jammed. I intentionally picked the Whirlpool Gold, Quiet Partner III, because the utensil basket was nestled in the door and not in the bottom rack - although you can move it there if you want to. No more wasted space on the top rack because of long or tall utensils. Sweet!

Whirlpool Gold, Quiet Partner III, is full of cool options.

Flipping two levers located on the sides of the top rack, you can slide the whole top rack up or down to accomodate taller glasses or large pots in the top rack, or to accomodate very tall items in the bottom rack. My lobster pot will never again be washed by hand.

My old dishwasher had a telescopic tube thingy (I'm so technical!) that would rise from under and through the bottom rack. I couldn't put items in the center of the lower rack. Nothing would get clean if you blocked the tube from rising. The Whirlpool Gold, Quiet Partner III, does not have that tube, which means I just gained a whole lot of extra space in my dishwasher. WaHoo! Silly as it may seem, those three things, utensil basket in the door, flexibility to raise and lower the top rack and the missing jet tube rising from the center of the lower rack, are my favorite options! Did I mention we're a family of 5? We go through some dishes and it's worse when we entertain.

Cycle options are galore. Here are a few:

1. Adaptive - it senses the crud on your dishes and washes accordingly.

2. China - a genle cycle for your delicates.

3. Glass Express - just for glass items.

4. Rinse Only

5. Soak and Scour - a heavy duty food buster!

6. 4-hour delay

7. Drain - I think this one is a great idea.

I've had the Whirlpool Gold, Quiet Partner III, for about 3 weeks now and haven't used all the available cycles yet. So I'll update later if they aren't amazing.

Did I mention that it really is Quiet? Not silent, but I can yack away on the phone in the kitchen, standing directly in front of the dishwasher and hear my caller just fine. Compared to my old dishwasher, it is silent.

The control buttons are located on the top frame of the door. I really like that because now when I walk in to the kitchen, I'm not looking at a bunch of ugyly buttons and knobs. And they are flush, so I will not have a need to take out any detailing tools to remove crumbs that manage to work their way in the cracks of actual buttons. Huge plus!

All in all, I completely and utterly adore this dishwasher and would recommend it to all.

Update On Nov 09, 2009: Forgive me - I forgot to mention how beautifuly it cleans. No streaks, no debris left to scrape off and no need to soak items for hours. Whirlpool Gold, Quiet Partner III truly is a super dishwasher!