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Whisker Lickin's Crunch Lovers

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By ferret on
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When I bought a Purina cat product recently, there was a coupon on the carton for Whisker Lickin's Crunch Lovers Cat Treats. Since I was already in the store and these treats are supposed to help with tartar build up on my cat's teeth, I thought I would try these out on my cat. I bought a packet of this food in Chicken & Seafood flavor.

These Whisker Lickin's are made by Purina. They come in a cool looking blue foil packet. The 6.5 oz size is about 8" high, so it's a nice size container. This food comes in cute little shapes like fish, hearts, and chicken legs. They're suppsed to be super crunchy.

My cat is not a fussy eater, so he glommed these up right away. We do not normally give him cat treats due to his little weight problem, but thinking they also help keep his teeth cleaner, we gave in.

This packet comes with a zip top to make us think it will stay fresh. As with most of these zip top products, this is not an air tight seal. But unlike many zip top products, this one does actually zip. When I smoosh the packet after I zip it closed, you can tell it is not airtight. Our present cat does not mind, but finicky cats will know some of the freshness has escaped at some point.

I do like the ease in opening and closing this packet, but I think we will end up putting this in a larger airtight bag to keep in the freshness. Cat's don't like stale food any more than we do.

If I did not have a coupon, I doubt I would have bought these treats, but our cat is sure glad we did.