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White Cap Takes Away Odors

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jlyn12 By jlyn12 on
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I purchased White Cap Pine Cleaner in my search for something that would really help me in disinfecting and deodorizing my basement. I have 3 dogs (need I say more?). I think pet odors are the hardest to deal with and to get rid of. I had begun using vinegar because I read on the Internet it was a neutralizer. I could tell the vinegar was working, it did not do the job satisfactorily by itself. I happened to be in my local corner store, and noticed the White Cap. It comes in a small 12 Fl oz bottle with the price printed on the label, $1.39. I had read somewhere previously that even the scent of pine encourages cleaning (I need all the help I can get!). So, I purchased it and gave it a try.

First I wet the basement floor and then mix in about 3/4 cup vinegar. I then add just a small stream of the White Cap. In the bottle, it is amber colored and clear. But, as it mixes with the water it becomes WHITE! I thought of a white cleaning cloud moving across the floor. I liked that, because I could see exactly where it was. I then use a broom and sweep this mixture across the floor and then down the drain. Wow, what a difference. The pine scent is wonderful and after several uses the basement was truly refreshed. I use it daily and this little bottle goes a very long way. The directions say to use 1/4 cup (I don't even use that) in a 1/2 bucket of water for floors, walls, tiles, garbage cans, woodwork, tires and cabinets.

I just cannot afford some of the high-priced pet cleaning items. This combination packs a powerful punch. Vinegar alone served as a neutralizer, but left no pleasant scent. The White Cap Pine Cleaner deodorizes and disinfects....and leaves a wonderful pine scent behind that lingers. Even with using just a little bit, I can smell it faintly up on my third level! I definitely recommend this cleaner, and especially for anyone with pets (and give vinegar a try too).